Curriculum Overview

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Curriculum Overview/Educational Philosophy


The goal of Grace Lutheran School is to blend best educational practices from both Grenada and the United States.  We use Language Arts and Math curriculum, methods, teaching tools, guides and textbooks brought in from the United States and the Caribbean.  All standards and grade level objectives have been closely examined to ensure that all content taught reflects or surpasses the standards set by Grenada’s Ministry of Education.  The progressive approach in language arts and math teaching will serve to assist in the on-going teacher training that is an integral part of our entire school.   Science and Social Studies will be taught with innovative methods using local books.   All students will have daily experience working in cooperative groups, practicing critical thinking skills and using creativity to solve problems.  Our focus is on the process of educating children using authentic, on-going assessment at every level and ultimately using the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) as required by the Grenadian Government at grade 6 to show individual growth and development.

Parents are welcome to request a copy of the complete curriculum for Grace Lutheran School which outlines subject by subject every learning objective at every grade level.


Social and Emotional Development

Grace Lutheran School believes that play should be an integral part of every child’s overall learning experience. Allowing students the time and opportunity to play, nurtures their creativity and problem-solving abilities, builds their strength and coordination, and allows children to acquire competence and skills that help them feel good about themselves. Play provides the context in which caring adults teach children how to behave and how to treat others.


Behaviour Management


Grace Lutheran believes that children learn most effectively when they feel safe.  Our goal is to provide a safe and fun learning environment to encourage their optimal overall development. It is our belief that when an interesting and challenging environment with a variety of activities is available, then discipline problems are at a minimum. 

The staff members at Grace Lutheran strive to develop and maintain a positive relationship with each child. Through the training of “Conscious Discipline” ( our staff members have a thorough understanding of children's early development and the relationship between brain function and behaviour. This is mandatory training for all teachers at Grace Lutheran School.  Staff will, when appropriate, intervene to facilitate learning, and to provide necessary support and guidance. At no time will physical punishment or any other form of punishment (belittling or humiliating to a child) be used. If a significant discipline problem does arise, there will be direct communication between home and school to discuss the issue at hand.  



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