Grace Lutheran School Uniforms

All Grace Lutheran School students will wear uniforms.  The school is divided into two slightly different uniform shirts. The kindergarten department (grades pre-k and kindergarten) will wear t-shirts for active young children at work and play.  The junior department (grades 1-6) will wear collared shirts for a more sophisticated school look.  On PE  days grades 1-6 may choose to wear t-shirts with the school logo.



All boys will wear khaki (dark tan) shorts and all girls will wear khaki skirts. Girls should wear a tights/polly underneath their skirts.  The boys shorts are $25 EC and girls skirts are $35 EC.  The shorts and skirts can be ordered directly from our tailor (contact information below).



All children will wear white socks and athletic shoes (sneakers or trainers) suitable for work and play.  Uniform shoes may be either all white or all black.  There is no separate uniform for physical education days.  Our uniforms are designed for comfort, ease, work and play.


Kindergarten Department Shirts

Children in the Kindergarten Department will wear purple t-shirts with the school logo. These t- shirts cost $10-15 EC depending on size.  The t-shirts can be purchased here at the school.  


Junior Department Shirts

Children in the Junior Department (grades 1-6) will wear purple, cotton, button down shirts with collars and the school logo.  The shirt style for boys and girls is slightly different.  The boys and girls collared shirts for grades 1-6 are $18 EC each.  The collared shirts can be ordered directly from the tailor (contact information below).  On PE days students may choose to wear purple t-shirts with the school logo. 



All uniform shirts need to be taken to Signs & Designs located in the middle of Lowther’s Lane to have a logo embroidered on.  The cost for each logo is $12 EC.  



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